Lesson Pricing

Lessons are booked in 8-lesson sessions (Monday-Thursday for two consecutive weeks). Prices listed are per session and are our 2019 rates.


semi-private lessons


These 2-1 lessons are ideal for all students who are at the same ability level. Siblings close in age or school-age friends are the best pairs for semi-private lessons.






20 minute private lesson


These lessons are ideal for students who cannot swim independently across the pool.








30 minute private lesson Or     Child & Parent lesson


30 minute private lessons are ideal for students who can swim independently across the pool.

Child & parent lessons are best for students 0-3 and a caregiver. We can accommodate more than one family in a child/parent lesson; please contact us for more information on multi-family pricing.

Group Lessons

Available at our locations only. These lessons are capped at three students per instructor so that we can still personalize each lesson to each students’ needs. $240 for an 8-lesson session.