Our Swim Lessons

We provide private swim lessons for all ages and abilities in your home pool, or in our Delaware County location. Serving the Main Line and surrounding suburbs.


Speer Swim School, LLC is a fully licensed and insured swim school based out of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Our lessons begin with safety skills then move to a learn-to-swim methodology, where students learn at their own pace. We run two-week sessions from May-September in your private pool or at our Delaware County location. After years of experience, we have found that personalized swimming lessons are the most successful with young students. Various lesson lengths and prices are available to fit your needs. 

The Program

Beginning Swimmers

(Ages 2+)

This is the first level of swimming. We introduce basic water confidence at a slow and nurturing pace by instilling trust and being responsive to the student's needs. Going from a beginning swimmer to Level 4 where they are swimming across the pool independently takes time. Progress is sometimes slow, and it may take a few sessions to move to the next level.

Levels 1-3 (Safety Skills, Introductory Skills and Basic Skills) focus on getting students comfortable in the water. They will learn to safely enter and exit the water, blow bubbles, submerge their head, float on their back, move through the water, and kick across the pool.

Intermediate Swimmers

(Ages 4+)

Intermediate swimmers are comfortable in the water and are excited to get moving. Safety skills from Levels 1-3 will be reinforced as the students learn new skills to get them swimming across the pool.

Levels 4-5 (Getting Mobile and Fundamental Freestyle) focus on getting students moving through the water. They will focus on getting across the pool by gliding, jumping in, kicking on their backs, and working on freestyle strokes with their faces submerged.

Expert Swimmers

(Ages 5+)

Expert swimmers are comfortable in the water and can swim independently through the water. Safety skills from levels 1-5 will be reinforced as the students learn the skills to swim using proper techniques.

Levels 6-8 (Stroke Development, Improvement and Refinement) focus on the strokes. Students will learn the proper techniques for backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. They will work on competitive skills such as flip-turns and diving.


What happens if there is bad weather?

We do our best to get all lessons in. We swim in all weather above 55 degrees. Pools should be heated to 85 degrees for the duration of our lessons. We WILL swim in the rain, but not in thunder/lightning. Once the lesson begins, it counts as a full lesson and will not be rescheduled/refunded, even if we need to end early due to thunder/lightning.


How Do payments and refunds work?

Your lesson will be booked once payment is received. Due to the nature of mobile swim lessons, we cannot fill your spot if you cancel lessons. Therefore, money cannot be refunded if you need to cancel a session or a lesson.

What If I don't have a pool?

Speer Swim School is a mobile swim school. NEW THIS YEAR: We are running lessons out of the Splash-Club in Broomall! You do not have to be a member of the Splash-Club to join in on our lessons.

What age students do you teach?

Speer Swim School teaches students ages 2-92! We have experience with swimmers of all ages and abilities. Novice swimmers will begin lessons by getting comfortable with being in and moving in the water.